Insulated Roof Sheeting

Get The Insulated Roof Sheeting Advantage!

Adding insulated roof sheeting to your Patio or Carport project not only will provide you with a much stronger and mark-ably cooler area to sit underneath but it also significantly reduces any noise coming from any storm, rain or strong winds. Our team at Perfect Patios work with you to decide on the insulation thickness and colour schemes for your project.

Add great value to your home with a roof panel that provides a roof insulation and ceiling like finish all in one product. Adding value and extending your outdoor living space all year round with a high quality Insulated Roof Sheeting.

  • Colourbond Roof look on top
  • Smooth ceiling-like finish on underside
  • Superior cooling performance from the heat on those very hot summer days
  • Quietens the noise level in heavy rain and downpours
  • Reduces the temperature of the rooms inside the house that adjoin the patio roof
  • Cable core allows installation of downlights and fans
  • Increased strength of sheeting allowing longer sheet spans and reducing the amount of beams in between